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Framed Steel Buildings

Framed Steel Buildings Posted on April 26, 2018

Architecture of Framed Steel Buildings

Despite the initial doubts cast on steel structures when it was initially introduced to the public, the alternative of putting up a framed steel building is slowly creating a niche in the formidable construction industry. Though wood may still be the preferred raw material by many, the benefits in using steel as the main component cannot be ignored. The metallic elements advantages over the traditional wooden buildings are very much appreciated in the light of recent calamities that have befallen several countries. The development of framed steel buildings is timely to endure any problems that traditional structures made of wood are vulnerable to.

Planning a Framed Steel Building Project

There two parties that are principally involved when planning to put up a building. On the point of view of the owner, you would want a building that is capable of being used for a long time in order to recover your investments and correspondingly, generate an adequate income. Therefore, you would want to utilize only special plastic material shuttlecock that ensure that the structures are strong and solid.

As the proprietor, you would be held liable for any mishaps that may occur leading to defective construction. Although you could include the constructor in the liability, you will be held jointly responsible since the property is under your name and you are the one operating it.

On the part of the constructor, your reputation as such will be placed on the line once you have made a building that is structurally unstable. Since your work in the construction business is your primary source of revenue, you should only produce quality edifices. One way to secure your image as a strong player is to make durable framed steel buildings.

You just need to have the capability to transform your raw material into an impressive end-product to attract more customers that will hire your services. It is normal in the construction business for interested parties to ask other people for their referrals and you would want your name or that of your company to be one of the perceived reputable players.

Security of Framed Steel Buildings

The preference for framed steel buildings can be attributed to events wherein these buildings remain unscathed unlike its wood and concrete counterparts. Steel framed buildings are guaranteed to be secure as the connections make use of bolts as well as screws that have been tightened together. Before creating the building, scale models using the same materials are tested through simulated earthquakes to test its stability and strength.

At the aftermath of actual earthquakes, it was shown that framed steel buildings managed to remain standing while other structures composed of other materials crumble under the tension experienced. However, some studies revealed that some steel buildings have been damaged although not that apparent. Hence, further research has yielded another technique to enhance the durability of framed steel building during earthquakes called post tensioning.

This is not a new method as this has been used on concrete buildings but researches revealed that post tensioning can also be performed on framed steel buildings to add to its resistance to tremors and the likes.