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Basic Solar Panel Types

Basic Solar Panel Types Posted on April 23, 2018

Basic Solar Panel Types

Solar panels convert sunlight to electricity and in this way they produce power for free.They emit no waste products that pollutes the environment or disrupts the climate. The solar panel consists of a group of silicon cells that generate power from sunlight. They collect solar radiation from the sun and convert this energy to electricity.

The efficiency of them and the amount of energy that they produce depends on many factors like climate and weather. Dry climates are very good for them because in these areas they are more exposed to sunlight . We can use multiple of them and connect them together to generate more electricity.

These are the three basic types of Solar Panels…

1-Monocrystalline panels – Monocrystalline panels are the most expensive and effective and they are made from Monocrystalline cells and these cells use very pure silicon. Their price tag makes them exclusively found in scientific research projects or space exploration and other applications that demand top of the good quality hard water faucet for kitchen and longevity.

2- Polycrystalline panels – Polycrystalline panels are made from Polycrystalline cells and they are a little less effective and expensive than Monocrystalline panels because their cells are grown in a large block of many crystals. This type of portable solar panel are more commonly found in the industrial applications and solar panel farms around the world.

3- Amorphous panels – Amorphous panels are not crystals , they consist of a thin layer of silicon deposited on a base substance like glass or metal. These are cheap but they produce less energy and compare to others they need more square footage. Their lower price tag, compared to the above panel types, makes them ideal for basic home use and can even be considered disposable.

Investing in Solar Panels

Investing in solar paneling is a great way for us to save money and increase the value of our property . Also with solar paneling we help our environment to be clean and healthy . If you are concerned about the environment and want to help it to be cleaner and healthier using sunlight energy is a very great way.

Nowadays a lot of problems threaten our beautiful earth and in this way we can help the earth to be a better place to live. Another benefit of this method is that our energy sources like oil are limited and one day they will finish but sunlight energy is unlimited.