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Funding Sources for Manufacturing

Funding Sources for Manufacturing Posted on March 31, 2018

Currently available $ 30,000 million spread over 5 calls to date are open to finance projects in various sectors such as leather , tics, agricultural and generally in any sector. Now the question is, what should be taken into account to successfully access to such calls and make these resources?

Finding Entrepreneurial Funds

While it is true that on average only 15 to 20% of the projects submitted , manage to be considered viable due to the level of demand in terms of quality in the development of these business plans, nor is it an impossible mission.

Currently , with my team of consultants , we have a successful experience in the development and financing of over 30 business plans in almost all sectors, livestock, agricultural, mining, services, technology , among others. These resources have benefited undertake fund for start-up businesses, achieving in many cases amounts above $ 100 million. Through this experience , treasured for over nine years, we have identified some critical success factors today share them in this article , so take into account when formulating their business plans to undertake background .

Innovation: This is the main variable that should contain business plans and must demonstrate and justify very well. According to the Oslo Manual , this concept refers to the technological implementation of new products and processes and / or significant in these improvements.

Background and Rationale: Generally , one of the most common mistakes at this point , are ill-defined goals. Note that these should be measurable , achievable and time-bound . Studies covering all business plan and not just focus on market research and finance.

The justification must be well argued , with concrete and official figures , trends and industry expectations , the entrepreneurial experience and expertise and market relevance .

Be consistent between the background and rationale to the rest of the business plan . Evidences as the project contributes to the growth of the cluster, mini production chains, local plans and national development.

Justification is a fundamental part of the project that can not be taken lightly .

Manufacturing Funding

Market : On average 85% of fund projects undertaken are not considered viable , because no studies have robust markets . The reason is that they do not show a well applied and justified methodology to validate the accuracy of the information projected on the following studies , especially financial.

Design strong marketing strategies involving objectives , detailed activities , indicators, real budgets and quantified in financial study . Finally, avoid at all costs, make projections too optimistic sales. Your reviewers will take it by a person who has no real knowledge of the business .

Personally, I always recommend working with primary information , support the study with secondary data and back it up with letters of intent to purchase .

Technical or operational research : studies should be conducted detailed time and motion indicators that yield operation , responsible and specific dates .

Organizational Study: It is essential to develop a comprehensive study of positions and functions .

Financial study : There should be consistency between the projections of the previous studies with the business . Normally many activities are planned and these are not valued . The revenue projections too optimistic and very pessimistic expenses are the most common disaster projects .

Keep your ratios are not adjusted to the average industry figures .

Evidences in an excel sheet as attachment , as data were obtained financial model . Finally identify all project risks and mitigation strategies effectively and efficiently.

Exclusive and demanding methodology undertaken by the fund : Bear in mind that a business idea for brilliant, if the evaluation of the project does not comply in all components with the minimum rating required , automatically his concept of evaluation is not viable and will not be benefited with resources.